Call me what you will, but I love spring cleaning.  I love the idea of starting fresh, opening the windows, airing things out, and letting the sun in.  I love the communal focus on simplifying and addressing parts of life which are generally overlooked throughout the rest of the year.  Reorganizing closets, cleaning out cupboards, being thorough about things which I am not usually so thorough.  Its therapeutic.  Though it has not yet been established as a week or month-long national holiday, I want to celebrate it by sharing some spring cleaning happiness here.


Sweeping self portrait.


New all-natural cleaning products.


I would trade laundry for dish-washing any day.

I found this book by Ellen Sandbeck at a bookstore a couple of years ago and picked it up.  It has since become one of my very favorite resources on environmentally conscious cleaning at home.   It has tons of great research, interesting cleaning tricks, and is also funny.  To my author-struck happiness, Ellen has agreed to do an interview here on fotosympathetique!  So if you have any spring cleaning questions for her, or questions about green cleaning, please share them here and I will be sure to pass them along.  Look for our interview at fotosympathetique in the coming weeks!