What did you do today to celebrate earth day?  Did you plant a tree?  Clean up a public area?  Start your garden?  I am so excited to start my potted garden this year but it is still so cold here in Wisconsin!  I think I may wait a few more weeks.  What should I plant?  Any suggestions?  I’m thinking spinach, asparagus, swiss chard, and peppers.  I might also try zucchini in a pot…?  just one?  Am I being overly optimistic?  Also, I love herbs so basil, rosemary, and chives are on the list.  What I am most excited about this spring, is joining a local csa (community supported agriculture) farm.  I found a great little farm on Local Harvest, a web resource that makes finding local food producers and csa farms easy.  I am thinking of becoming a csa member at this local farm.  Also…they have sheep!  bonus!  (I have always wanted pet sheep – perhaps this is my year?! ha.)

And here are your Sunday links!….

Garden veggie craft here.

Picnic in a briefcase.

I just love this victory garden art, etc…

especially these.

a book I’ve been reading on and off about owning a small piece of land.

a history of this day.

Have a great week!  I would love to hear your gardening ideas!