Hello all! ..and apologies for my sporadic blogging this past week or so.  I am now enjoying my new job and settling in.  I actually had a day off today (awesome!).  It was a perfect day off, too – bike ride to the beach, swim, read book, bike home, edamame salad, new sandals, and a popsicle.  I’m not sure how I could cram more summer into one day.  Here are some lovely pictures I took of my new commute to work!  I have the best commute ever and have biked to work every day this week. It is so wonderful after all of the crazy long driving I used to do.

sooo pretty.  Here are your Sunday links on Monday…better late than later!

I love this mid-western print

Possibly my favorite song of ALL TIME….so chill.  How can I make a mix of all songs like this?  Are there more?

I need this for my kitchen

How sweet is this turntable?  luv it.

Hope you all had a great holiday!  ciao!