Soo hot here in the mid-west this weekend & I actually love it.  It is so much more fun to go to the beach or play in the water when temps are above 85 degrees.  This weekend we kayaked on the Yahara river in Wisconsin.  It was so lovely and such a lazy ride down the river.  It would also be a great river for tubing I think….have to try that sometime.

and speaking of rivers and lakes and summer and things….

this wooden map of US rivers is awesome.

I really like these rules for summer.

a good book for summer reading.

And on a totally different note…I am a huge fan of The Roots but haven’t spent much time watching their nightly gig on the Jimmy Fallon show.  Perhaps I will a bit more after seeing this video clip – so great.  Though I am also not usually a fan of radio pop, I appreciate the organic nature of this little jam session.  Have you seen it?  made me smile.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weekend!  What have you been doing?