apathetic heat day – whew!  So this weekend was a hard one, and rather than focusing on the hard things, I am trying to make new habits – like focusing on how awesomely strong I am for getting through it.  Seriously dear friends, when life tempts us to be sub-par versions of ourselves and we choose an attempt to be graceful and cool under the weight of it, we need to celebrate our striving for the best version.  So today, I celebrated by relaxing with books, drinking limeade, and adding to my “thankful for” list.  Because even though I have legitimate complaints and let downs, attempting a focus on gratitude seems somehow more beneficial than other options.  I know I don’t talk about personal life things on here very much but, I’m just saying yay for me and you when we handle ourselves well and make our best effort in a not-so-ideal situation.  I usually just have to remind myself of who I am and the type of person I want to be.  If I can carry that into any difficult situation,….success!  I hope you find you are able to do the same when challenges arise.

So here’s what I’m thankful for today:

cold grapes, friends recommending good books, authors who write good books, nectarines, popsicles, time to clean, things to clean and take care of, a home, time to take care of myself, time to rest, time to read, string of sunny days, cool breeze, pretty pines around my home, cottonwood tree, windows, white curtains, books, good vitamins.

And speaking of being thankful, etc.  I am reading this great book recommended by my friend Jeanette.  (it’s great so far, not finished with it yet)

also thankful for these….

I sincerely appreciate this contribution from a fun indie band….

And of course, thankful for this guy, aka: Dad (he likes to make us laugh)