about amy

the girl behind this blog…

Hello & welcome to my blog!  The purpose of this blog is primarily an artisitic outlet for me and also a way of sharing/promoting great small-time, perhaps little-known, art that I love with others.  My appreciation of art and beauty has mostly domestic and philosophic leanings, with some eclectic and perhaps industrial happiness thrown in.  I hope you like what you find here and that you keep returning for more!


Did you know I write?  I do.  a bit.  Talking about my writing, has always felt, to me, like speaking after eating very cold ice-cream and I usually opt for silence.  After discovering this very hiccup in my social sensibilities, I have decided that perhaps my writing would best be put to use by revealing what I have always been unable to express in other mediums – like speaking.  In recent days I have been awakened to the idea that self expression is not simply a narcissistic waste of time or a sly method of marketing one’s favored attributes.  Today it seems most important for the transparency and vulnerability it requires of us.  Most of the writing published in this blog is in abstract short essay form.  It is very unpolished and most likely will remain unpolished.  I have great respect for writers and the discipline of thought they put into their work – my work shared here, however, is more pure expression with little formality – and little discipline.  I cannot seem to write whenever I want  (classic problem for writers I suppose), so what work/writing may be found in this blog is usually born out of necessity for the purposes of sanity or in search of it.  As with much writing, it may also fall under the auspices of “running from reality” or “needing to be known,” however, as was stated previously, I believe writing ultimately to be the great humbler of self-perception and to reward us most with its ability to draw our thoughts out of the corners and give courage to our experience.

writing shared on this blog can be found here.


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