monday mix

Ooh, Monday music from Big Scary.  This song is called Mix Tape and I think it is some fun listening.  Big Scary is Australian duo, Tom Iansek and Jo Syme.  You can find this song on their debut album…Vacation.  Enjoy!


summer love

The clouds that do not fall.

My legs.

Ooh, that summer heat!  So thankful for the beaches!  and for colors, and people, and blankets, and sunscreen.  I used very little air-conditioning and mostly vegged out on the couch eating watermelon all week.  It was awesome until the kitchen didn’t get cleaned and ants came to live with me.  eww.  A friend & I used cinnamon and coffee grounds to scare them away…it worked!  I hope you made it thru the hotter than hades week and also that you got some watermelon.  Here are some happy summer links for you!

Love it!


When I turn 40…

I like this piece

Happy summer love, friends! – stay cool!

A+ rock & roll

yeah, I’ve missed some Sunday links – so sorry – it’s summer!  Weekends have been busy & I have several fun posts coming in the future.  For now tho, it’s Monday music for you!  Here is a piece from my favorite…The Black Keys!  So much America here, it seems perfect for this week.